Mentoring and Coaching in West Essex

Help children, young people and families with early emotional distress and prevent it becoming a complex issue.
Reduce Social Isolation, improve resilience.
Reduce Family conflict and negative behaviours

FIF West Coaching and Mentoring

Provide low level interventions for children, young people and families who are not receiving statutory support with an aim to resolving issues before needing more intensive support.

  • Provide goal focussed coaching and mentoring for children and young people.
  • Helping children and young people build confidence, motivation and self esteem
  • Work with family members and schools to support the young persons progress.


  • Number of families referred to project
  • Waiting times
  • Number of interventions provided.
  • KPI listed by commissioners
  • Innovation fund expenditure


  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Improved resilience and motivation
  • Improved relationships and behaviours
  • Positive improved outcomes recorded on outcome star
  • Achievement of personal goals.

Open Door core values Independent not dependent

Individual client focussed
Needs led

Belief in potential to succeed
Positive regard and encouragement

Challenge behaviours and attitudes

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