Housing Advice and Support Service

Peoples physiological needs are met through living in quality accommodation that enables them to succeed and thrive.

Provide support, information and advice drop in sessions and appointments for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Enabling and supporting access to suitable accommodation.

  • Provide daily drop in housing advice surgery and appointments from base and weekly drop-ins across Thurrock.
  • Assess housing need and develop individual needs support plans.
  • Assist with benefits claims and basic finance planning
  • Identify suitable accommodation within the private sector, where appropriate
  • Actively engage with partner organisations and local landlords to enable effective support for beneficiaries.


  • 1000 People will receive support from HASS
  • 600 reporting improvement of their living skills & personal situation.
  • 600 reporting they are effectively managing their accommodation
  • 800 Beneficiaries are able to understand, prioritise and manage their budget and to access services and represent themselves independently.
  • 600 able to manage their money, understanding and prioritising bills
  • 200 able to address their arrears and communicate independently with creditors and landlords


  • Beneficiaries will have increased knowledge and awareness, helping improve their personal situation.
  • Service users will develop their skills and independence to manage emerging issues independently.
  • Service users will have improved mental and physical health
  • 800 Report reduced stress and anxiety
  • 500 Report improved mental health and well-being
  • Report an increase in their social networks

Open Door Values

Customer Focused

Honesty & Respect