Counselling, Anger Management, Play Therapy and Mediation

Children & Young People have good mental health and are able to address the barriers that may be preventing them from living happy and fulfilled lives.
Affording young people and children the space and individual attention to explore issues and problems that may be concerning them and helping them develop appropriate safe and healthy responses.

Providing face to face therapeutic support that helps children and young people address issues that may be causing them anxiety and stress, which helps build their confidence, self esteem and resilience.
Providing a safe space where the child/ young person can talk openly and explore their feelings and identify and enhance coping strategies to situations which may be worrying them

  • Delivering attentive, individually focused tailored support for children and young people. Providing:
  • One to one counselling
  • Help and support with anger management
  • Play therapy
  • Therapy through Art
  • Family support
  • Mediation
  • Mentoring and goal setting


  • Number of individual clients- service and school based
  • Number of sessions held
  • Range of Interventions offered
  • Presenting issues
  • Referrals In and out


  • Distance travelled
  • Report improved self esteem/ Confidence
  • Report better able to manage behaviour
  • Negative to positive
  • Able to understand feelings and develop alternative strategies.
  • Enhanced skills and coping strategies

Open Door Values

Power of the human touch one to one

Client focussed – Everyone is an individual

Supportive, Respectful & Non Judgemental