Independent Return Home Interviews

To keep young people who run away safe, identifying factors that have led to them going missing.

Missing Children Services

Conduct Independent return home interviews to ascertain reasons for absconding and identify any risks or harm that may have occurred while missing

  • Offer all young people who are the responsibility of Thurrock independent return home interviews.
  • Remembering that they are not compelled to accept the offer and participation is voluntary.
  • To offer the young person the chance to talk about the issues that led to them absconding and identify any CSE and/or gang involvement.
  • To conduct formatted interview seeking to identify where they have been and what activities they have been involved in with emphasis on identifying risks.
  • Produce written report for responsible social worker highlighting risks and suggesting any further support that may help keep the young person safe.


  • Number of young people and children referred to the project.
  • Time between referral and interview.
  • Number of interviews held
  • Completion of reports
  • Monitoring spreadsheet completed.


  • Children and young people are aware of dangers and risks involved when running away.
  • They have access to further support.
  • Risk taking activities identified.
  • CSE/ Gang involvement identified
  • Recommendations for further support.

Open Door core values
Independent not dependent

Individual client focussed
Needs led

Belief in potential to succeed
Positive regard and encouragement

Challenge behaviours and attitudes