Social Involvement Project

Care Leavers are living healthy independent lives, secure in the communities in which they live

To help care leavers develop their independent living skills, addressing any social isolation issues.
To reduce isolation, develop support structures, build confidence, establish independence, develop skills and new interests.

  • Deliver workshops to build independent living skills.
  • Social activities to build self esteem and develop positive relationships.
  • Create Community links- volunteering, joining community activities.
  • Mentoring support for care leavers who require support to access group activities.


  • 20 Care Leavers will have accessed the project
  • 20 Workshops
  • 12 Social Activities
  • 4 Community Visits
  • 5 supported through mentoring


  • Care Leavers will have developed skills to maintain their independence with the ability to budget, cook and care for themselves.
  • Reduced Social Isolation- Will be less vulnerable to gang involvement and radicalisation
  • Established new friendships and report improved self esteem.
  • Will have developed links with their communities.
  • Will have developed their confidence and abilities to take part in group activities.

Independent not dependent

Respect for each other

Potential to succeed

Open Door Values based

Needs Led