Course Description:

Back by popular demand, Felix Joseph returns for another summer to prepare aspiring young athletes for success.

Ready, Set, Go! Wannabe athletes will learn exactly what it takes to be an Olympic athlete.

Day 1 – Introduction: How to get into the Olympics and Assessment Day

Day 2 – Learn how to correctly sprint, drive, accelerate and hold your position
Day 3 – Learn how to strengthen your core and power that will win you races
Day 4 – Practice makes perfect and you’ll learn how to continue making progress once the boot camp is over

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More information

Whether you are a wannabe athlete or simply enjoy working out to keep fit, this Sports Nutrition course will
provide you with sports nutrition advice in order to help you to understand the main nutritional areas and keep
your diet well-balanced, healthy and supportive towards the level of fitness you are trying to maintain or

About The Born Ready Training Group

The Born Ready Training Group works through a training programme that gets them prepared for competitions located in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

β€œJoe’s philosophy is to bring out the best in his althletes and clients. Not only in physical training, where technique is king, but in character. This means the most effective technique for efficiency and safe body movements in achieving individual and collective goals. Quote – Kwei Sankofa 400m Sprint Silver medallist (2009) Finland

Sportsmen and women trained by Felix Joseph include;
Justin Robinson (British International Basketballer)
Imani – Lara Lansiquot (British Internation Athlete)
Nathaniel Chalobah (Premiership and Team England Footballer)
Dinesh Gillela (Premiership Footballer)
Florence Ekpo – Umoh – Olympic Athlete and International German Team