Advocacy and Support for Thurrock Looked After Children

It is recognised that young people come into care for a variety of reasons, most of which can be very traumatic. Often they do not know what to expect and can feel isolated, out of control and alone, with decisions being made about them by professionals and the system.

This project aims to ensure young people are fully considered, listened to and play an active part in the decisions concerning their care.

To help ensure that Looked after young people are safe, cared for and their needs are met. Ensuring they feel valued, respected and listened to.

Working with young people who are in the care, or have recently left the care of Thurrock Local Authority.
Providing an independent advocacy service which listens to, supports and represents individual young people who are in care. Challenging statutory agencies and others involved in their care and assisting with complaints when necessary.

  • Providing a confidential space where individual young people may talk to trained advocates about issues that are concerning their care and wellbeing.
  • With consent, to raise their presented issues with decision makers and those able to make a positive difference.
  • Representing and supporting young people at professionals meetings
  • Ensuring young peoples views and ideas are heard and given consideration in decision making affecting them.
  • Assisting young people wishing to make formal complaints.
  • It is recognised that raising an issue does not always result in a change or positive outcome due to other factors such as safeguarding, however the project will seek to ensure the young person understands any decisions made and the reasons behind them.


  • Number of young people supported
  • Number of individual advocacy issues addressed
  • Number of complaints


  • Young people will feel supported, listened t and respected.
  • Improved personal situation
  • Young person feels part of the decision making process and understands decisions taken.
  • Young people are more confident and feel more able to raise their concerns.
  • More aware of their rights and are able to manage their expectations.

Open Door Core Values

Recognise each person as an individual with their own unique experiences, issues and concerns.

Led by the wishes of the young person (National Advocacy Standards)

Independent and prepared to challenge injustice.