Our Programmes

Vacation Education

Vacation Education is our flagship programme that works in collaboration with our corporate partners. This 2 – 3 week holiday programme is proven to raise aspirations, reduce youth crime, break down racial tensions and get unemployed young people off benefits and into work.

If you would like Vacation Education to take part at your school, housing association or across your borough

Email general@opendoorservices.org

Greenwich Summer Youth Programme

Go head, explore our courses on offer. If you like what you see, register now to enrol on activities and courses. It’s the only way to have a fabulous Futureversity summer.

Email general@opendoorservices.org

Stride into Summer

Stride into Summer is Futureversity’s borough wide youth programme that is designed to offer a pick and mix selection of fun and engaging activities for young people during July and August.

Proven to prevent holiday isolation and risky behaviours, Stride into summer has contributed to young peoples improved focus and esteem when they return to school in September.

If you would like Stride Into Summer to take part in your borough please

Email general@opendoorservices.org